Email Management, formating documents and compling reports  are the just some of the time-sinks that can affect productivity at work. One of the reasons why we lack in the productivity department is bad organisation. If you do not know where things are when you require them, more than half of the time is spent on searching. This lost time could be utilised somewhere. Gsuite, which includes Google Doc, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Hangouts, Drive and a variety of other business applications are aimed at boosting users productivity, helping them work with external collaborators and services, and giving organisations more control and insight over enterprise data.  There  are 5 ways Gsuite increases workplace productivity. 


1. Workplace Productivity with AI and Machine Learning

2. Fast Access of files through Drive and Vault

3. Break Down Geographic Barriers with Hangouts

4. Collaborate and compile files in Real-Time

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